Sko’s Twisted Humor

 Caution: The twisted humor on this page    will leave you with a warped sence of humor!

(Please note that this is JUST FOR FUN and for amusement purposes only!!!)

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A Bad Day

A Bachelor’s Kitchen Guide

A Christmas Story (poem)

A Little Dose Of Lawyer Jokes

A Matter Of Interpretation

A Mothers Dictionary

Advice from Women to Men

An Old Lady’s Poem (poem)


Animal Thoughts

Application For Permission To Date My Daughter

Are you the weakest link

Are You Older Than Dirt

Bad Humor but funny

Black and White (poem)

Black November (poem)

Brain Exercise

Christmas Treats (poem)

Church Dictionary

Classified Ads

Comments by Commentators

Company Mergers

Conversion Tables

Corporate Lessons

Court Questions

Cowboy Buying A Bra (poem)

Dad Will Never Say

Daddy’s Pink Rose (poem)

Daddy’s Ten Rules Of Dating


Definitions 2

Detroit High School Math Proficiency Exam

DId I say that

Dogs and Men

Don’t Make a Fuss About Valentine’s Day

Don’t Mess With Mom or Dad (poem)

Easter – One Liners

Evening Visitor

Every Story Has A Moral

Evil Love Poems

Explanation of Marketing

Facts of Life

Facts You May Need Someday

Fathers Then And Now

Female Dictionary

Fun With Medical Terms

Funny Things

Funny Thoughts

Funny Quotes

Geography Of A Woman

Getting Old


Giving 100%

Great Truths About Life

Gun Control

Have a pun or ten

Headlines of 2000-2001

Health Session

Helpful Hints


History Lesson

Holiday Diet Tips


Hospital Charts

Housekeeping Simplified

How The World Works

I Love My Job (poem)


If Women Ruled the World

In-Flight Safety Lectures


Island of Nationalities

It Was So Hot …

It Was So Snowy …

Japanese Error Messages

Just like a Man

Just The Facts

Just The Facts Maam…Just The Facts

Ladies vs. Real Women

Let’s Meditate

Life In Tennessee

Life Is Funny

Little Crude Funnies

Little Eyes (poem)

Living in 2012

Love, Lust & Marriage

Male / Female Dictionary

Male/Female One Liners

Male or Female

Man Test

Mankind’s Most Important Discoveries

Marketing Flops

Men Are Like

Men for Men

Men vs Women

Men’s Rules

Menstrual Cycle

Military Work Rules

Moods Of A Woman (poem)

Moron Stories

My Philosophy About Housework

New ATM’s

New Medicines

New School Answering System

New Year’s Resolution

Night Classes For Men

Nose Picking Glossary

Oil Change

Oldies But Goodies



Perfect Husband

Perks Of Being Over 40


Pooping at Work

Popular Slogans Translated


Public School System

Questions For Those Who Think They Know Everything

Real Meanings of Medical Terms

Real Mothers

Reasons Why Boats Are Better Than Women

Rejected Nursery Rhymes

Rejection Lines


Senoir Personal Ads

Seven Kinds of Sex

Sex and your First Name

She Was Sooo Blonde

Signs the Easter Bunny is Nuts

Signs Your Memorial Day Weekend Sucked

Skipping The Grade

So You Think You Know Everything?

Some Facts To Know

Some Things You Keep

Stock Update

Ten Signs You Are Too Old For Halloween

Ten Things That Sound Dirty On Halloween, But Aren’t

Thanksgiving Gobble Humor

The Evolution Of Mom

The Last Hundred Years

The Rules of Chocolate

The Seven Wonders

The top 10 inventions by Blondes

The Top 16 Country Songs

The Top 16 Signs Your Mate Is Cheating On You

The Truth on Nutrition and Health

The Turkey

The Value of Proof Readers

The World Is Nuts

The Year 1905

The 10 Valentine Commandments

The 12 Pains Of Christmas (poem)

Things that make you go hmmm

Things They Said In 1957

Things to say If Your Caught Sleeping At Your Desk

Things You CAN Say At Thanksgiving And Get Away With!

Things You Know Because Of TV

Things You Would Never Know Without The Movies

Thoughts for 2012

To exercise or not to exercise

Top Ten New Year Resolutions

Top Ten Things that sound dirty in law, but aren’t

Top 19 Signs of Approaching Old Age

Twas The Night Of Thanksgiving (poem)

Understanding Engineer’s

Useless Facts

Useless Facts 2

Valentines Day (Poem)

Very Clever!

What A Man Wants

What The New Job-Lingo Means

What Men Know About Women

What’s Your Business Sign

Why Can’t Dogs Use Computers

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

Why Men Can’t Win

Why Men Lie

Why Pumpkins are better than Men

Why We Love Children

Woman’s Compact Instruction Book

Woman’s Thoughts

Woman’s Life Cycle

Word Fun

Words and their Genders

Words For Fun Thought

Words That Define Life

Words Women Use

Worlds Easiest Quiz

You know you had A Bad

You Know Your Living In The Year 2012 When

You Know You’re White Trash When

You’ve Had Too Much Holiday Cheer When…

Your Daily Moment of Zen

4th of July – One Liners

19 Signs That You Had Too Much Of The 90’s And Beyond

20 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity

25 Signs That You’ve Grown Up

27 Facts About Men

30 years – what a long strange trip

2030 Headlines