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A Barbie Joke

A Cat Story

A Fairy Story

A Guy Joke


Airplane Joke

An Italian, a Scotsman
and a Chinese


At The Beach


Back from the Grave

Bad Luck

Bear Joke

Beethoven Symphonies

Big Man in a Small Town

Blonde Female Stock Broker

Blonde Joke – First Guy One

Blonde Nun

Blondes On The Fourth

Blue Silk PJ’s

Bodily Dysfunctions

Born A Virgin and Died A Virgin

Bra sizes

Bragging Mothers

Brooms Get Married


Bungee Jumping

Burnt Ears

By The Seashore

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cannibal Chefs

Car Going Wrong Way On Freeway

Car Jacking

Change In Attitude

Chicken Farmer

Chicken Joke

Christmas Shopping

Cold Winter

College Expenses


Crazy Driver

Crazy Old Fart

Dark In Here


Deep South


Difficult Memories

Dinner At Grandma’s

Doctor, Doctor!

Doctor’s Diagnosis

Doctor’s Visit


Drunk and Falling

Easter Bunny and the Blonde

Easter Knock knock Jokes

Easter Quiz

Embarrassed Scotsman

English as the Preferred Language

Engineering Job

Evils Of Liquor

Expecting Fathers


Ferry Home

Firefighter And Little Girl

Fishermans Tale

Fishing Resort



Frog loan

God Sent You

Golden Oldy

Good Health

Good News/Bad News

Grandma’s Birthday

Grannies Breakdown

Granny’s Carpool

Great Minds Think of Mom

Grounds For Divorce

Grumpy Old Man

Haircut Mystery

Halloween Costume Party

Halloween One-Liners


Helping Your Father

Hockey Rivals

Horse Riding Old Lady

Hotel Bill

How Sweet

Hurting Redhead

Ice Fishing

Indian Love Call

Inner Peace

Intensive Care

Irish Boy In Confession

IRS Genie


I’ve Never Felt Better

Jim and Edna

Just Like Mother

Kids Say The Cutist Things

Kids Say The Cutist Things-2

Late Night Swim


Little Nancy

Lonely Old Lady

Lucky Guy

Lunch Time

Magic Condoms

Making Breakfast

Man Meets Woman

Marital Counseling For Valentines Day

Married for 40 years

Martha’s Practical Joke

Missing Husband

Money Well Spent

Morning Coffee

Morris And The Doctor

Mr. Johnson

Murder At Giant Eagle


My Son

Mystery Man

Never Ask A Woman

Never Bet With A Airman First Class

New Fifty Cent Piece

New Sobriety Test

New Years Eve Dinner Party

Night Watchman

Officer Dumas And The Trucker

Old Lady

One Wish


Parachute Dilemma

Parakeet Problems


Pet Fish

Ping Pong Ball

Polish Guy At The Beach

Politics Humor

Pooch Diagnosis

Poor Silver

Poor Sportsmanship

Praise the Lord!

Red Beard The Pirate


Remember When


Road Painting

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rufus and Clarence

Sanity Test

Saving Clinton

Saving the Easter Bunny

Saying the Right Thing

Scared And Drunk

Scary Shortcut



Seniors to the Rescue

Seven Ten Cap

Sexual Harassment

Sheer Lingerie

Short Stay

Silent Treatment


Six Classic Affairs


Sniffer Dog

Snow Plow

Sorry Charlie


Stealing Bread

Stiff Necked Grandpa

Stooges At Work

Stop Following Me!

Strangers in Washrooms

Suspicious Husband

Talking Centipede

Tax Audit

Thanksgiving Surprise

That’s Strange

The Bacon Tree

The Blind Wal-Mart Clerk

The Confessional

The Cowboy

The Damn Porridge!

The Elderly Wedding

The First Mom

The Golden Rule of Teaching

The Head Nurse

The Hypnotist

The Loan

The Meaning of Life

The Missing Hat

The Nagging Wife

The NCO Club

The New Hearing Aid

The New Year’s Eve Party

The Nurse

The Outhouse

The Patient

The Perfect Couple

The Pirate Story

The Right Age For Cussing

The Secret To A Long Life

The Sex Of A Fly

The Solid Gold Urinal

The Shop Owner And The Blonde

The Sunbather

The Tease

These Chickens Want Books

Those Darn Lawyers

Three Italian Nuns

Three Little Pigs

To Be Six Again

Too Drunk

Trust Mom

Turkey Day Humor


Two Dumb Fishermen

Two Lines

Two Penguins

Two Sisters

Two Tourists

Two Wishes

Under Attack

Vacation in Hawaii

Valentines for the Ex!


Volunteer Fire Dept


Weighting for a Flight

What a Great Salesman!

What Happens When You Fall For

When Its Good Or When Its Bad

Which Would You Choose…Cake or Bed?

White Hair

Who Makes The Best Patients

Who Knew It Was So Simple

Widdle Wabbits

Woman Choking

Woman With A Goatee

You Gotta Love A Drunk

Young Love

Your Morning Smile

You’re Passionate


24 Hours To Live

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