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Sko’s Gag ideas is your source for funny gags, pranks and practical jokes that you can buy as gag gifts like fart spray, fake poop & fake bullet holes                                                                                                                  



Hilarious Gags, May Cause You To Burst
From Laughter!

(Please note that this is JUST FOR FUN and for amusement purposes only!!!)

Introducing … The Potty Putter!

The potty putter turns any bathroom outing into a memorable one!


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No Tear Toilet Paper. If you’ve been searching for the perfect payback for the prankster in your life, this is the dirty little gag you’ve been waiting for. No Tear Toilet Paper is so frustrating you’ll definitely settle the score.This is even funnier! Push the button on this remote control from up to 50 feet away and listen to it FART!
With this device, you can embarrass your victim whenever the mood strikes you. Purchase yours today at

“Simply keep one of these slips in your wallet and when the time comes, write your phone number on the back and hand it to the lucky person. When they see the size of your bank balance, they’ll be “digging your gold” in no time! Fake Atm Receipts

Check out these cool Million Dollar Bills! Send them as Gifts. Use your imagination but remember their not real. Just for Fun!

Magic tricks and illusions are a blast. Now you can get them from The Gag